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March 1st 2019 ----Social Club Newsletter

Meeting was held on February 27, 2019

There are reminders posted on facebook for the following activities; westwoods lake community group

For private use of the clubhouse please contact Donna Chatlin @

The social club wishes to pass on a really big THANK YOU to the guys and gals that helped  us shovel out when the snow was piled high

FYI the social club holds a meeting once a month when the activities are planned for the next month if anyone has suggestions and/or concerns please put it is writing or better yet come to the meeting in the clubhouse the date is listed below.

The following events have been planned and all residents of the park are invited to participate, check the white board and the calendar daily for additions cancellations or changes. The white board is straight ahead as you walk in the door of the clubhouse and the calendar is around the corner. 

The City of Nanaimo, after discussions with a member of the Strata Council, has determined due to fire regulations, there can now be only 42 people in the main floor of the clubhouse at one time. This will impact our turkey dinners and we will need some ideas about how to adapt.

Coming events

March activities:

March 16—6:00 pm—birthday bash and St. Patricks day combination get in the spirit wear something green bring a green appy

March 20—7:00 pm social club meeting

March 23—6:00 pm  $2.00 at the door for supper 

March 30—6:00 pm appys and games

Please note the crafts on Mondays, the dance on Tuesdays and the bowling are continuing activities

Share the big news

If anyone has booked the clubhouse for their special event, pass the info to office and we will put it into the calendar. Also please email any photos to the office if you would like to see them on our webpage.

rotl social club upcoming events

If you would like to book an event using the Clubhouse

please get in touch with Office

No upcoming events.